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            Welcome to Energy Recovery.!


            How Much Steam Energy are you Wasting Right Now?

            Most Industrial Plants, Institutions and Commercial facilities process steam for in-house heating or other requirements. However, in many applitions the full potential of the boiler is being under-utilized and thus signifint energy is WASTED, potentially costing the organization millions. Typilly, high pressure steam is “let-down” across PRV’s and in some ses excess steam is vented/wasted.?A Steam turbine n serve the same function as a PRV, AND ?pture the otherwise wasted energy to generate power for an organization.?Steam turbines n also be used as drivers to replace electric motors.


            Our Benefits

            At Energy Recovery. we offer steam turbine technologies to both function as a PRV while also harnessing this previously lost energy potential. The following represent clear benefits for your organization by utilizing these methods:

            • Generate electricity essentially for free by harnessing?previously wasted heat energy
            • Signifintly reduce your organization’s rbon footprint
            • Reduce operating costs
            • Qualify for energy efficiency government credits

            ll us today at?+1 (716) 249-6330 and request a quote for a heat recovery applition. Help us help you to stop wasting valuable potential energy in your plant.


            We proudly serve the following area codes:


            Ontario: 519, 416,905, 613, 705.

            Quebec: 514, 438, 819, 873.